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Your CV will be written in full by Cevehat professionals as we will build your professional resume from scratch


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Get a CV from scratch

Writing job description for each job

You will get it in an editable format

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What is a CV?

It is important that you are aware of the CV and its purpose. A CV is a document that identifies the most important stages in the career stage. It provides the recruiter with a summary of your working life. A CV isn't just about skills and work experiences. It is also a short story about your work life.


Where do you need a CV?

There is no doubt that all competitors in the labor market need to have a CV. Whatever your job or place of work, you of course need what expresses your path and career experiences. As a job seeker, you will definitely need a professional CV to apply for jobs and be able to send it to resource officials Humanity.


Key points of the CV

Personal data - contact information - educational qualifications - practical experiences - languages ​​that you speak

And also on a number of data that are not essential in the CV, which are as follows

Recommendations from colleagues and managers - skills and approval of clients - volunteer experiences


Now how will help you?

You will be assisted by the experts of the site. Who will write your CV from scratch. Our goal is not just about aesthetics. Rather, the most important thing is to write a CV with strong content. It is proportional to the labor market. And it gives more opportunity to get job interviews. Where you can show your skills and experiences. To increase your chance to get the job you want. The CV will be sent in an editable word document


Execution time: 24 hours