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Will help you get a strong LinkedIn account, the most important site in the world of recruitment


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What is LinkedIn?

It is one of the most important networking sites, but it is not intended for social communication such as Facebook, but the goal of LinkedIn is professional communication and communication with professionals, as well as job postings and applying for jobs in various professional fields.


Who is the beneficiary of using LinkedIn?

Everyone who has become in the labor market or even planning to start his career needs to have an account on LinkedIn. If you are a human resources employee, you will need it to announce vacancies and screen the CVs of job applicants. And if you are looking for a job, you will need a LinkedIn account for the same reason, which is to apply for jobs and communicate with human resources officials, but we must mention something very important, which is that most companies are requesting your account link on the LinkedIn website to know more about your career path even and If you apply for the job through any recruitment platform other than LinkedIn.


Key points on LinkedIn

It is very similar to your CV in terms of the data available in it, which are as follows

Personal data - contact information - educational qualifications - practical experiences - languages ​​that you speak

And it also contains a number of data that are not essential in the CV, which are as follows

Recommendations from colleagues and managers - skills and approval of clients - volunteer experiences


Now how will help you?

You will be assisted by Cevehat experts who will check your LinkedIn account, thoroughly a full check and generating a detailed report for the errors and data that needs enhance on your LinkedIn account. It will be explained how to make amendments to that data.


Execution time: 24 hours